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German Association for People Management


German Association for People Management (DGFP) was founded by representatives from the worlds of business and science in 1952. This was a time in which new achievements such as autonomous wage bargaining, many new acts of parliament such as the Labour-Management Relations Act and the start-up of the social market economy were exercising a strong influence on company personnel and social-welfare policies. So that these new challenges could be managed, those responsible sought some kind of supraindustry interchange of views and experience. This continues to be a priority at DGFP.

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Activities and services

Sharing experience
There are more than 120 experience-exchange groups which comprise of some 4000 personnel managers and specialists in human resources management, social welfare and personnel training. These groups are organized regionally or nationally, by industry or function. Meetings held two to three times annually examine a variety of personnel, social and business topics. Besides the various papers dealing with new personnel subjects and the information provided by the hosting companies, these meetings focus on inter-company exchange of experience acquired in day-to-day personnel department practice.

Education and training
The personnel Management Academy at DGFP takes due account of the growing significance of further education. The curriculum comprises fundamental and topical aspects of in-company personnel and further education work as well as labour law. In addition to the seminars for personnel managers, the program also includes courses for works council members.
Special conferences organized by DGFP deal with subjects of topical interest, commented on by experts and analysts from the world of business and science.

Personalführung - the magazine

Published monthly, Personalführung, the magazine for members and others interested in personnel management subjects, reports on the latest situation in human resources management. Each issue features a main topic. To the formula "practical experience for practitioners", the authors are chiefly company employees. The subscriber spectrum has grown far in excess of the personnel managers from the member companies and includes a wide variety of readers in Germany and abroad.

DGFP Congresses
Since 1985, DGFP has been staging in Wiesbaden the DGFP Congress attended by up to 1,000 participants. The keynote addresses and panel discussions examine present and future subjects of human resources management.

International activities
DGFP ist a member of the European Association for People Management (EAPM) and of the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA). For years now, bilateral und multilateral contacts have existed with very many reciprocal organizations abroad. This is reflected in annual meetings in various countries for the purpose of an international exchange of views.

DGFP mbH - the profit center
Since 1989, DGFP has had a subsidiary whose purpose it is to provide modern and innovative services. These include in-house seminars, employee surveys and a series of comparisons. The GmbH organizes fairs and exhibitions and provides its own consultancy services.

Membership of DGFP
Full membership is open to all companies incorporated in the Federal Republic of Germany (irrespective of their global HQ-location) who are willing to promote the aims of DGFP. Companies, based outside of Germany, may become corresponding members. Personnel consultants and consultant firms have the possibility of becoming extraordinary members.

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