Referenten, Trainer, Speaker – die Stärke der DGFP ist die Vielfalt und Qualität des weitreichenden Netzwerks. Machen Sie sich ein Bild davon, mit wem wir gemeinsam unsere Netzwerkveranstaltungen, Seminare und Dialogformate gestalten.

Christine Bethmann

Frau Christine Bethmann

Senior Specialist International Mobility
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH

Christine is Senior Specialist International Mobility at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH. Since 2014, she has built up from scratch the Global Mobility function in the organization with the objective to enable talent mobility across different Konica Minolta entities. Prior to that she has worked in a consultancy firm supporting mainly small and mid-sized companies with all matters related to cross-border assignments and in total looks back on 9 years of experience in Global Mobility. In line with her academic background, a special area of interest lies within cultural diversity and intercultural competence, both closely related to international mobility.

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