DGFP Review // 1st DGFP Annual Conference on Global Mobility

On March 27th 2019, Continental hosted the 1st DGFP Annual Conference on Global Mobility in Stöcken, Hannover, for which Frau Dr. Reinhart hold the dual role of Chairwoman of the DGFP and Member of the Executive Board of Continental, Human Relations.

DGFP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung) is the largest HR network in Germany and fosters the exchange of HR best practices between German companies.
The Conference gathered more than 70 participants, coming from more than 50 different companies. The event showed the increasing importance of International Mobility in a global world, as well as the needs for HR professionals to share experiences and knowledge on Global Mobility topics, which are becoming increasingly complex.
We were also pleased to welcome our special guests: Two French companies (L’Oréal and Air Liquide) as well as the Director of Cindex, a French Network on Global Mobility composed of 56 companies. The intention is to foster European networks and to discuss on a broader level.
International Mobility at Continental was presented as a Business case by Dr. Thomas Bork, Head of CBIM, who explained the transformation of the International Mobility (IM) Department of Continental from a centralized into an international Hub-Structure organization. He highlighted the digitalization through the implementation of an Assignment Management software and underlined the increasingly strong dual career support at Continental as well as the promotion of female talents.
Other topics on Global Mobility, such as Vendors Management, Cost Management and the necessity of global employment compliance were presented to the plenary by l‘Oreal, DEA and Deutsche Bahn.
In the afternoon, two rounds of various Breakout Sessions took place, where the different topics were further discussed between the presenters and the participants in a very interactive way.
Sönke Schiricke, Head of IM, presented the IM Management through KPI´s, such as an Internal Efficiency KPI, and the utilization of IT dashboards which supports the IM Department to measure the effectiveness of Assignment related Services and Programs.
The event ended with a Key Takeaway-session. We all gained inspiring insights and new ideas on how to further enhance performance of Global Mobility and enjoyed the broad networking opportunities. The Global Mobility role is evolving due to both an increasing number of business travelers and assignments and an increasing complexity of regulatory requirements. Here lies the opportunity for Global Mobility professionals to assume more and more a consulting role and to develop towards a Center of Expertise.

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