DGFP // Annual Global Mobility Conference

3 Online-Module à 4 Stunden am 13.10., 18.10., und 20.10.2022 und optional 1 Tag in Präsenz am 11.10.2022 bei der GIZ in Bonn

Anyone who thought that global mobility would find its way back to normal once the pandemic is overcome is mistaken. Neither does the crisis seem to have ended yet, nor have the challenges become fewer: mobile working from abroad, differentiation of types of secondment, continuous restrictions in China, not to mention the war in Ukraine – the function is facing a multitude of obstacles. How canwe design future policies so the individual wishes of employees and the requirements of companies are met?

We warmly invite you to join the third DGFP // Annual Global Mobility Conference 2022and discuss developments in the field of global mobility on-site on October 11th at the GIZ in Bonn as well as online on October 13th, 18th and 20th 2022.

Please find the programm here


In cooperation with AIRINC and BGRS

Im Moment können wir Ihnen leider keinen Veranstaltungstermin anbieten. Gerne informieren wir Sie, sobald ein neuer Termin mit freien Plätzen verfügbar ist.


Ihr Ansprechpartner bei der DGFP

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