DGFP // Netzwerktreffen - The impact of Brexit on HR - how to get prepared

The date set for the UK to formally leave the EU approaches fast. Since Theresa Mays historical defeat in British Parliament, no one knows which type of Brexit we will have to expect. And still, the HR profession is expected to play a key role in supporting employers and employees to navigate their organizations through the short and medium-term implications of Brexit. Are you fit for change?

At our DGFP networking event, we will analyze the current state of negotiations, and illuminate the effects of Brexit on HR practices. We will discuss how HR can get effectively prepared for the various changes that are probably approaching sooner or later, including freedom of movement (permit of residence) and social security provisions.

Exchange with our experts from CMS and gain some insights from our British partner organisation CIPD.

The event takes place from 16:00 to 19:00 h at the DGFP in Frankfurt and is free of charge.


Stefan Handermann advises German and international companies on individual and collective employment law matters, including the arrangement, adjustment and flexibilisation of working conditions, restructurings and reorganisations, corporate co-determination as well as works constitution issues with a focus on operational co-determination.

Viktoria Afanasjew advises German and international companies on all aspects of individual and collective employment law, including litigation. Her practice focuses on the deployment of external staff and cross-border assignments. She also advises clients on employment and service contracts.

Wilson Wong is is Head of Insight & Futures at our British Partner Organization CIPD. He is responsible for the Institute's research strategy. His career has spanned academia, corporate finance and national development policy.

Ihr Ansprechpartner bei der DGFP

Jessica Draisbach

Projektmanagerin Internationales HR
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung e.V.
Hedderichstraße 36


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