Exceptional International Talent Management - Seminar


International HR managers & talent managers with focus on manager development in global/international organisations


Too many organisations stick a global talent label on a local talent management system, roll it out internationally and hope for the best. An exceptional global talent system achieves two goals: it finds top talent from around the world, and secondly, it gives the organisation a clear pathway to promote that talent into key positions, all the way to the top. On this workshop, you learn how to connect talent development to your organisational strategy; design programs that fit your global culture; win the support and involvement of top management, and use consistent processes and practices across your HR organisation.


  • The difference between local talent management and global talent management and why it is so important
  • The 8 key phases of talent management process
  • How to connect business strategy to talent development
  • What to do to get the commitment of key stakeholders, including senior managers, executives and local HR
  • Design the talent management process to your organisational culture
  • Talent selection: choosing the right people, globally and locally
  • How to measure results easily and effectively
  • Processes & practices: consistent and unified across the whole organisation
  • Specific/common talent management challenges
  • Innovative ways to track and position talents when time and resources are short

Frankfurt am Main

  • Nummer:
    DGFP e.V. - Frankfurt am Main


  • Nummer:
    DGFP e.V. - Frankfurt am Main


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