Successful Collaboration in a Global HR Organisation

Most international organisations have a matrix structure, which brings unique challenges. In this training, you learn how to be successful in this environment, how to build strong bridges between global and local HR to implement your global HR strategy, how to influence people in different global locations and functions, and how to work with different local needs.
OnDay 1, you receive theoretical input and conduct practical exercises on the concept of effective cross-border collaboration. On Day 2, you deepen and extend this knowledge, and apply the workshop theory to a real-world case from your daily work. This provides you with a unique opportunity to get ideas, recommendations and advice on your real, current collaboration challenges!

// Effective cross-border collaboration
The four cornerstones of effective matrix collaboration
The BEMETOME* Collaboration Model a partnering roadmap on how to create healthy relationships in a matrix organisation
How to effectively link HR Outcomes to Business Outcomes
The different push and pull styles of influencing those partners across functions and borders, with and without line authority

// Robust international teambuilding
Increase trust and build great cross-border relationships between global HR and local colleagues
Build a spirit of collaboration based on the four types of partnership and avoid negativerelationships
Manage effectively virtual teams
The three types of feedback and why only two work well

// Strong intercultural competence
The critical role of mindset in making the Global HR Matrix work
Get a new perspective on the six critical cultural dynamics: time, distance, language, leadership, organization, and communication
Use your intercultural awareness to quickly set up and run collaborative relationships which get the best business results
Further improve your range of communication and negotiation skills in English

Effective cross-border collaboration in global HR while working under pressure
Know how to influence and motivate your local HR partners and executives to follow your Global HR strategy even without line authority
Know how to reach key HR objectives by navigating through the complexity of power and politics in a global matrix organisation
Foster a wide range of communication and negotiation skills in English
Understand the cultural dynamics in your international organisation

Experienced HR Managers and leaders in an international HR role or with international HR responsibilities

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