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Since 1952, the German Association for Human Resource Management (DGFP) has been the competence and career network for HR enthusiasts in Germany. The DGFP is a registered non-profit organization. The DGFP network involves the active participation of DAX-listed corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies, renowned scientific organizations and consultation entities. The DGFP assists HR professionals in their careers and lobby the political world and society at large on behalf of HR management issues. This enables it to have a strong voice on corporate HR work when it engages with the general public and policymakers.

The DGFP work centers around the personal exchange of knowledge and experience, with some 4.000 HR decision-makers and HR professionals from Germany and abroad collaborating in roughly 100 experience exchange groups (ERFA). It additionally offers accredited educational and advanced training programs on national and international HR management issues. The collective HR knowledge is bundled into our studies and publications.


The DGFP has a total of 2.500 members. The corporate membership program distinguishes it: The 1.500 corporate members represent the Who’s Who of the German business community. All of the approximately 40.000 HR employees of the member companies (including those who work outside of Germany) can use the DGFP’s services. This is an asset that makes the DGFP attractive for all companies. Additionally the association offers membership for individuals. The diversity of perspectives enriches the exchange of knowledge and experience and helps in expanding one’s network beyond the realm of the current employer environment.

Full membership is open to all companies incorporated in the Federal Republic of Germany (irrespective of their global HQ location)

who are willing to promote the aims of DGFP. Foreign companies without any operations in Germany may become corresponding members. The membership fee for these two member categories is calculated based on the payroll of the member company. Since the DGFP e.V. is a non-profit organization, the membership fee is recognized as a donation for which member companies receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for submission to the presiding tax authorities.

For HR consultants and consultancy companies, the DGFP offers extraordinary membership. Membership fees for this category are EUR 250 or EUR 750, respectively.

International Network

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DGFP // Experience Exchange

The DGFP Experience Exchange (known as “ERFA”) is the DNA of the DGFP. This is where personal exchange and networking is embodied in our organization! Since 1955, decision-makers have been holding discussions in our ERFA-groups connecting with each another in their own ERFA-group and across the entire DGFP network.

The range of topics discussed in the ERFA-groups is constantly expanding. With over 100 ERFA-groups we can guarantee today the broadest range of experience and knowledge exchange on HR and leadership issues: international, pan-regional and regional, branch-specific, function-specific and always covering the latest issues and themes on corporate and social policy.

Our permanent ERFA-groups meet once or twice per year, hosted by a member company from the respective ERFA-group.


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