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Netzwerkveranstaltung HR Digitalisierung

DGFP // Netzwerktreffen in München Aligning Gen-AI in Learning: Emerging Priorities and Strategic Outcomes for 2024

Datum 10.07. 2024
Datum 10.07.2024



DGFP // Netzwerktreffen in München Aligning Gen-AI in Learning: Emerging Priorities and Strategic Outcomes for 2024

from 15:30 - 19:00

We, enParadigm, TEC Leadership Institute and DGFP, are pleased to invite you to the


DGFP // Netzwerktreffen in München Aligning Gen-AI in Learning: Emerging Priorities and Strategic Outcomes for 2024 on July 10th, 2024 3:30 - 7 pm in Munich.


The event language is German and English.


Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize personalized & immersive experiences in the corporate learning space. However, converting this potential to business success requires an understanding of Gen AI technology, a carefully thought-through talent management approach, and a learning team that has the knowledge and insight to link both together. The session will bring together industry leaders offering insights into organizations leveraging Generative AI successfully. Join us for a concise yet comprehensive discussion (workshop style), unraveling the strategic possibilities that will define the corporate learning landscape in 2024 and beyond.


Due to limited seating availability, we can accommodate only 30 participants. If you are selected, you will receive a confirmation email along from our partner organization with a new registration link to confirm your attendance.


Here’s what we'll cover:

1)     How do companies identify the critical skills & competencies required for success and optimize skills management?

2)     How can Gen AI support L&D leaders/organizations define learning objectives, measure learning effectiveness, and link them back to business outcomes?

3)     How can Gen AI

a)     Help in making learning more relevant, personalized, and immersive?

b)     Enhance the employee learning experience and scale across different roles and competencies without losing relevance and quality?

c)     Help in evaluating proficiency and give personalized feedback to employees?

4)     Delve into case studies that showcase how effective learning translates to success on the job.

5)     Explore how simulations can help practice real-world scenarios and develop critical competencies (Hands-on simulation experience)


Key Takeaways:

1)     Enhanced Learning Dynamics: Gain insights on how Gen AI enriches learning relevance, personalization, and immersion.

2)     Effective Feedback and Evaluation: Learn practical methods to evaluate proficiency, offer personalized feedback, and measure learning effectiveness using Gen AI.

3)     Scalability Strategies: Discover strategies for scaling learning experiences across various roles and competencies while maintaining quality.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers and leaders to exchange ideas and collaborate on future learning initiatives during the networking session (Drinks and snacks is included)


Who is this for: Chief Learning Officer, Head of Learning & Development, Director of Learning & Development, Head of HR etc (Leaders in L&D/ HR)


Event location: Grow Inc, Oberanger 44, 80331 München



Dr. Christine McCarthy, an expert in leadership development and organizational growth, brings over 25 years of experience coaching senior executives and leaders in global corporations such as Novartis, Shell, McDonald’s, Airbus, and Allianz. Dr. McCarthy's passion lies in the future of work. Her PhD from Dublin City University focused on leadership competency in diverse, global teams, and she holds multiple coaching certifications, including ICF, Positive Psychology, and MBSR. This unique blend allows her to seamlessly integrate human intelligence with AI, a powerful combination for navigating the ever-evolving workplace. Empowering agile teams and fostering a culture of adaptability are hallmarks of Christine's work. As CEO of TEC Leadership Institute GmbH and leader of the Future-Fit Leadership Community, she's created scientifically validated frameworks. These tools equip leaders with the skills they need to thrive in today's digital and disruptive environment.


About enParadigm (www.enparadigm.com)

enParadigm uses immersive AI and generative AI to automate the talent management cycle for global Fortune 2000 customers such as Google, Reckitt, Perfetti, Future Generale, Continental, Societe Generale, P&G, Dell etc. Our enterprise Saas platform provides industry/role specific skill profiling and adaptive experiential learning pathways using digital avatars and immersive AI.

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