Creating People Advantage Study 2023

Eine Studie des Beratungsunternehmens Boston Consulting Group (BCG) und der World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) mit Beteiligung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Personalführung

The past few years have been uniquely challenging in the business environment, owing to lingering economic uncertainty, supply-chain shifts, geopolitical tension, and the aftermath of the pandemic.

But going forward, disruptions are likely to increase in frequency and severity. That creates stiff challenges for people management functions, who will need to respond to external factors along with their organization’s evolving internal needs. The latest Creating People Advantage survey—an ongoing joint study conducted by BCG and the World Federation of People Management Associations— reveals areas where companies responded well and areas where they must redouble their efforts.

This year’s survey included responses from 6,893 participants in 102 markets, across all industries. Respondents considered 32 people management topics, ranking them by future importance to their organization and by current capabilities of their organization.